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Hi Guys, Rohit, Founder and Legal Head of Judgesaab.com here!

Himachal Judicial services classes are going to start on 5TH of December both in online and Offline mode in Shimla. We will begin with some of the most important FAQ’s.

What is the Credibility of the Academy and Program of Himachal Judiciary Test Series?

With plethora of online courses, this doubt is likely to arise. Well first of all it’s not our first Judiciary or Law Post Graduate Selection Program. We have launched Rajasthan Judiciary, IBPS Law officer 2018/19/20 and SEBI Legal Officer Program with more than 5000 question database in between them. Judgesaab was launched 2.5 years back to meet the demand of Law students who wish to ace their Judiciary selections through mains answer writing practice. Our partner Raman Academy for Mains answer writing practice has mentored candidates for 4 years with multiple selection in HPSC exams.

What will be the duration of Himachal Judiciary Preparation Package?

The Program for serious candidates will first cover the 2 phases. Firstly,  Himachal Judiciary Prelims + Mains Preparation and after Prelims result only on Mains Answer Writing. The whole Program shall go on for nearly 6 months. The Mains + Prelims program is a dedicated one which divided your preparation both on mains and prelims in  a wholesome manner.

What will be the Pricing of the Product?

The pricing of the Product (subject to change) for Prelims alone shall be around 999. This will include 2500-3000 Prelims Level questions which depend on when exam is conducted. All Prelims exam both full length and Sectional are divided into topics per subject. The preparation is wholesome as we almost cover the entire syllabi in our series. If you have serious issues with your time management, then our series is the answer to your problem. For paid evaluation of Himachal Judiciary Mains, cost of the package shall be 4999/-.  There shall be a separate series for only mains aspirants of Himachal Judiciary which will be launched simultaneously after Prelims examination. The entire Judicial Services Coaching package including prelims and Mains is priced at 14999/- for online medium and 29999 for offline medium.

Will the Question Paper for Himachal Judiciary Prelims be available offline?

Yes with Extra postage charge the same shall be available. The Answers will be available on the online platform so that you can check the same via your laptop/App.

Will I get my Mains answer sheet for Himachal Judiciary evaluated in fixed time?

Yes, you will get your answer sheets evaluated within 3 days of your scanned copy reaching us. The evaluated copy shall be mailed to you from our official mail Id.

For further Queries kindly wait till  1st December 2021. We will upload a day by day schedule of our program which shall be available to you in a PDF/Link format.

Thank You.

Team Judgesaab !!

Contact via whatsapp @7307152200 for further queries.